"... our future cooperation ...” sounds good – but are you and your business partners really on the same page, and is your approach to getting there actually clear?

Whether new joint ventures, acquisitions, company successions, or managing work relations with customers and suppliers – only a common understanding among partners about objectives and approaches can provide the basis for successful collaboration!

With the aid of neutral mediation and a structured approach, FERENDI identifies commonalities and differences between business partners in order to build a foundation of mutual trust. Subsequent to the identification of differences, concrete solutions are elaborated with joint support of all parties.

Mediation involving all parties is carried out in single to several day-long workshops where general frameworks for future collaboration are staked out, e.g. including objectives, core processes, market requirements, and necessary implementation measures. If required, FERENDI can also provide long-term consulting in structuring joint business activities.

Get started now to ensure your long-term cooperation!