FERENDI offers clients a competitive edge. We specialise in improving operational performance across all areas such as sales, administration, and client services.

We believe that the key to any company's lasting competitiveness are lean, uncluttered processes as well as encouraging employees towards continuous improvement.

Any attempt to optimise your existing organisation should be guided by the following question:
”What is your client prepared to pay for?”

Lean processes benefit your clients by:

  • Being highly flexible
  • Concentrating on what is essential for your client
  • Reducing or even eliminating activities that do not create value for your client

It takes a change in attitude among employees and managers alike: to examine one's own activities, to take responsibility, and to choose a sustainable method for problem solving – in short, to strive for continuous improvement.

In our experience, your employees' active participation in designing and reorganising core processes will enable your organisation to harness and retain its most important asset: the knowledge and creativity of those who carry out these processes every day.