Manage various projects within the takeover of a leading German media group
(annual revenue approx. 250 mill. €)

  • Participate in proposal strategy for the bidding process
  • Due diligence of the sports marketing unit
  • Integrate special advertisement unit into the regional organisation
  • Coordinate the integration of sales, legal, and communications departments
  • Develop an organisational model for the management of the regional subsidiaries (approx. 30 sites in Germany)

Business development for the European activities of a leading media group

  • Found and develop foreign subsidiaries
  • Negotiate mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies
  • Conduct market research and prepare investment decisions

Strategic and operational alignment of sales activities of a leading media group

  • Develop a national sales strategy
  • Market research through focus groups with target customers
  • Create a CRM database for sales management
  • Optimise order intake, billing, and data base processing