Improving sales process for a global leader in the field of food machinery

  • Analysis and optimisation of order processingStandardisation for handling special machinery (variants)
  • Increase service quality through quicker response times and streamlined procedures for ordering spare parts 

 Increasing sales effectiveness for a service provider in the field of wind power systems

  • Visualisation of the sales process, including the clear definition of roles and information flows
  • Customer workshops for aligning marketing activities
  • Strengthening sales activities by creating targeted customer classifications, including specific customer care programs
  • Developing a new company structure for a supplier in the aviation industry
  • Identification of synergies between turnover, cost, and know-how
  • Evaluation of opportunities and risks associated with reorganisation
  • Development of a plan for future organisation
  • Elaboration of a concrete implementation plan

Establishing a potential-driven sales management system for a machinery company in the chemical industry