Oliver Hildsberg 
is the founder of FERENDI.

Oliver's parents were owners of a medium-sized business, and he grew up in an entrepreneurial atmosphere. After graduating with a degree in business administration from the University of Cologne in 1996, Oliver worked in operational management and served as a consultant in Germany and abroad.

Among various other firms, Oliver worked for companies such as Ströer – a leading German media group – and Porsche Consulting. At Porsche Consulting, he helped clients from different industries streamline their operational structures and performance.

Oliver's passion for collaboratively transforming and improving various firms' and institutions' operational structures led to the creation of FERENDI in 2010.

Oliver's areas of expertise are in process and organisational design, management, sales, and administration. With broad international experience, Oliver is fully proficient in English, French, and Italian, competent in Spanish, and a native speaker of German.