FERENDI supports the achievement of your strategic goals by aligning and optimising your operational processes.

Strategically focusing limited resources on a few specific goals is essential for companies. What, however, must be done to ensure that the strategy reaches the customer?

Key questions include:

  • What do operational processes require in order to achieve strategic goals?
  • Which aspects of the current processes impede the implementation of a chosen strategy?
  • What kind of future organisation is necessary to turn your strategy into action?

In close cooperation with management, we translate your company's strategy into operational targets and key performance indicators, thereby defining requirements for future process alignment.

Subsequently, through collaboration with all relevant employees, we evaluate your organisation's current suitability for achieving its strategic goals, and we identify activities that can be improved or need to be completely redesigned.

New operational processes have implications for organisational structure. With the active participation of management, FERENDI will help develop new, functionally appropriate organisational structures. If required, we will also support you in implementing these new structures.

Very often, ”perceivable added value” from the customer's standpoint will play a decisive role in achieving your strategic goals, whereas the simple extension of company infrastructure (e.g. widening your distribution channels) may not be sufficient. In particular, delivery and response times, or service quality, are keys to customer interest and loyalty. FERENDI supports you in aligning your operational processes to strategic goals so that they can be efficiently achieved.