FERENDI enables your managers to effectively and efficiently guide operations by developing customised management tools.

Across companies and institutions, similar problems frequently recur. One reason for this may be inadequate managerial structures that do not promote durable solutions.

Typical questions to be asked of such situations include:

  • Are tasks and responsibilities clearly defined within a department?
  • Are process standards respected, and do managers seek compliance with these standards? 
  • Are employees directly involved in both finding solutions and implementing them?

FERENDI actively integrates managers in the analysis of managerial processes. Through initial interviews, we build an up-to-date picture of the management's activities (e.g. through mapping communication structures with employees). Organisational results (i.e. output) are analysed to identify potential areas of improvement (e.g. examining quality issues in areas where customer complaints are high).

Based on these data, FERENDI works together with relevant managers to develop appropriate managerial tools. The FERENDI team also accompanies managers in their daily routines to observe their leadership activities. Each manager is provided with confidential feedback based upon these observations.

Our consulting services enable managers to guide their units towards company goals. Organisational problems are identified by actively integrating employees' perspectives and observations into improvement efforts. Institutional problem solving is fostered by drawing upon the know-how and creativity of the employees. ”Learning from one another” becomes a reality – this is a prerequisite for continuous improvement.

Managers are empowered to bring necessary changes to their units and to implement them sustainably. This also implies changes in behaviour for both employees and managers alike. Our coaching fosters improved leadership and personal growth.