FERENDI increases the profitability of your company by designing resource-saving and effective service delivery to your customers.

Organisational processes are often characterised by ineffective and inefficient activities. Typical problems in core processes (e.g. sales, customer service) and in support processes (e.g. accounting, human resources administration) include:

  • Time-consuming coordination efforts between departments
  • Frequent correction routines due to processing or handling errors
  • Long waits and lead times for customer requests, orders, etc.

Process problems are often part of an organisation's ”daily routine”. Detecting them often requires an external perspective.

FERENDI analyses operations in your workplace through workshops with relevant employees and managers. Potential areas for improvement are both identified and quantified. Then the workshop team develops and elaborates solutions that are then directly implemented, as there is no better motivation than quick wins! After successfully piloting new solutions and standards, these are implemented throughout the whole organisation, including employee training.

Our consulting services lead to a clear reduction of waste in your organisational processes: both work and lead times are reduced, for example, by decreasing the number of work interfaces, reducing the need to monitor work routines, and minimizing the number of bugs. Saved resources (e.g. time or financial) can then be allocated to value-adding activities (e.g. customer support, or finding more customers). Standardising these changes throughout your organisation means greater process stability and more ”first time right” transactions.

The integration of your own team in the optimisation process creates necessary motivation and acceptance for change – a prerequisite for continuous improvement.